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Confessions from Unicorn “Top Jirayut Komsan Lee”, Episode 1 – Carelessness in Business

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Some people think that being a ‘unicorn’ is the finish line for any startup business. But in fact, it is a new starting point that faces more challenges than before.

A sudden change in the era of the organization, Important decisions as an executive, and the irreversible mistake just becomes a ‘confession’ that is only valuable when it was forwarded to be a ‘lesson’.

“Ken Nakarin” talks with “Jirayut Sapsrisosopha”, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bitkub Capital Group and “Komsan Lee”, Chief Executive Officer of Flash Express Co., Ltd., about the important stories that they must be faced as ‘New Unicorn’. Moreover, they also reveals how to survive the crisis that you can’t be found anywhere besides their own experiences.

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